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Honey bees are precious and if a swarm is encountered, a prompt phone call to one of our swarm co-ordinators can result in a new colony of bees being established. Please help us save our honey bees - there is always a beekeeper waiting to nurture a new colony.  Whilst we do not charge for our services, our volunteers kindly give up their time and expertise to help, so donations to our Association are always gratefully received.

Regrettably - we cannot remove bees from chimneys, cavity walls etc as we are not steeplejacks or builders.  If they are very high in trees, we will also not risk our members climbing to retrieve them.  We will not remove bumble bees or solitary bees - where possible, callers are always encouraged to "live with and enjoy" them.  Their seasons are short and they play a significant role in the pollination of our food.  Also, we will not remove wasp or hornet nests. For wasps and hornets, callers are advised to contact their local pest controller. 


A Honey Bee Swarm is quite distinct (see below).  It is often found hanging from a branch, in a hedge, on a wall, etc. You may also come across bees after they have set up home, in places such as a cavity, compost heap, roof space etc.  If you have checked the identification photos below and you still think you have a swarm of honey bees, please use the contact phone numbers provided below or email us using this contact form


Honey Bee Swarm hanging in a tree



Bumble bees, solitary bees, wasps and hornets will not swarm. To help you identify which you think you may have, take a look at the photos below. If you still think they are honey bees, please contact any of the people in the list below to arrange collection.


                            Honey Bee                                                                            Bumble Bee  

                                                                                                            (Please note: bumble bees will not be collected/removed by beekeepers.

                                                                                                   For information on bumble bees go to


                       Wasp                                        European Hornet                            Asian Hornet



List of RBKA Swarm Collectors


Please Note:  A collector may not always be available, so whilst the geographic locations are helpful, please feel free to ring any, or all of the numbers


 Name  Area  Phone number(s)
 Sue Abbott

 Coordinator  07968 870408
Ian Duddle

Coordinator 07733 488266
 Linda Rogerson

 RG4/RG8/RG7  07796 878634
 Steve Cook  RG5  0118 9698582
 James Barr  RG6, RG9  07958 426638
 Andy Craig   RG7, RG30, RG31   07986 733638
(Weekdays only)