Reading and District Beekeepers' Association
Providing support to beekeepers in and around Reading



The following outlines the benefits of joining Reading & District Beekeepers Association.

Membership fees are due on 1st January each year and full membership subscriptions are to be paid irrespective of what time of the year the member joins.

Full Membership

As a full member of RBKA you will:

  • also be a member of the British Beekeepers Association and have access to the members area on BBKA website
  • receive RBKA newsletter monthly by email
  • receive BBKA News magazine monthly
  • be able to attend RBKA talks and activities
  • be able to take part in apiary visits
  • be able to attend open sessions at the club apiary
  • have your hive products covered by public and product 3rd liability insurance as indicated by BBKA (you must read the small print and 2015 Honey regulations!)
  • have your beekeeping activities covered by 3rd party insurance under the BBKA scheme (again read the document)
  • have your hives covered under the Bee Disease Insurance (providing you have stated how many colonies you have and have paid appropriately etc.)
  • be able to take part in training to further your knowledge and skills
  • be able to take assessments and examinations to gain beekeeping accreditation
  • be able to take part in social events when we are permitted to do so
  • have the opportunity to volunteer and help the association at the apiary, by being a committee member, swarm collector or assist at events

Our aim is to encourage all to share their knowledge and skills, to promote good husbandry, and enjoy your beekeeping knowing there is someone who you can ask for assistance should the need arise.

Membership Application

New members can join and enter their details from 1st October - please click here. You will be redirected to a website called MemberMojo which will securely host your membership details. The form will automatically calculate how much you need to pay, but CANNOT take any payments.

Renewing members can renew from 1st November by clicking on the link below

  • Click here to Renew Membership
  • Enter the email address you entered last year and click on "Sign in with Email"
  • You will be sent an email with a renewal link in it to click.
  • This takes you to your personal details. Please check and update these details.
  • Select the payment method as before and make payment directly from your bank as before.
  • You will be sent a welcome pack email

PAYMENT NOTE: Payments are by electronic money transfer only. No bank details will be stored on this website.

There is no need to create a password associated with your details on the MemberMojo website.